Natasha Tsakos

Playwright, Conceptual Director, Filmmaker & Performer

Natasha Tsakos

Playwright, conceptual director, filmmaker, and performer Natasha Tsakos works in a brave new form of theatre, where sound, computer generated images and the performer move meticulously in sync to create a dreamlike yet sharply real stage environment. Within this realm of total possibility, Tsakos muses on the deepest questions of the human soul.

Swiss born, yet Greek blooded, now living in Miami, Tsakos has been a performer with Circ X, Camposition, Big Apple Circus and Cirque du Soleil. She writes, teaches and performs her own work in Miami and worldwide. She has over 300 acting credits, has written 12 original works, directed 30 plays and has produced 6 commercial length films for Ford Motors as part of the Fiesta Movement.

Her work has been commissioned by Nickelodeon, Miami Art Museum, Miami Light Project, Adrienne Arsht Center, Art Basel and has been featured on numerous television networks including HBO, MTV, BBC.

Miss Tsakos was a speaker at TED in February 2009, a remarkable annual conference in Long Beach, CA that gathers the world's top artists and entrepreneurs; Design Week Monterrey 09; Ciudad De Las Ideas in Puebla, Mexico, where she is now in the board of directors; and, ISMAR 09 (The International Symposium of Augmented Reality).

Natasha is now working with Digital Worlds' research department at the University of Florida in Gainesville, developing a new show using sensor-less motion capture technology. The preliminary phases of the piece will premiere at the eComm (Emerging Communications Conference) in San Francisco in April 2010.

Natasha Tsakos will introduce her work and the use of technology within the creative realm of performance in order to raise awareness, and inspire the generation of today and tomorrow to think differently about Theatre, Science, and Humanity.